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Miranda climbed from the coach and took in her majestic surroundings as it sped off down the country road, she had been through quite a hectic week and decided that it would be best for her to take a day from her usual schedule and instead relax in the countryside. All around her were lush greed meadows of near waist high grass and the edges of a huge forest surrounded her, the sky above was crystal clear and not a single cloud blemished it. She wore a white, short sleeved, button up shirt which remained only half buttoned, a pair of denim short shorts and a pair of black summery flip flops. The warm summer air washed over her and without another moment's hesitation she began to walk into the beautiful unknown, as soon as she reached the tall grass and felt the first blades stroke and gently brush against her pale thighs she let out a slight giggle and ventured further. The feather soft grass lightly tickled and teased along her legs, each time bringing a smile to her face and a slight chuckle to her lips, after a few steps she paused momentarily before carelessly kicking off her flip flops into the grass and running full speed ahead. The warm, soft ground was like a blessing to her feet and with speed the tall grass only tickled more causing Miranda to become prone to small yet very cute laughing fits. With a gleeful cheer she threw herself into the grass and rolled to face the dazzling blue sky, she had been waiting for a day like this longer than she could remember and now it had happened she intended to make the very most of it. She lifted her feet towards the sky, letting loose yet more innocent giggles as blades of grass brushed her exceptionally elegant feet, their beauty easily rivalling that of her surroundings.

The warm rays of the sun washed down upon her, it felt as if the welcoming heat were lapping her tender, delicate, over worked and amazing feet and with such a marvellous sensation Miranda began to blush with joy. Though it was lovely allowing her feet to bask in the sun she still felt far too energetic to simply lay there for the time being and excitably cambered to her feet, she spotted a large tree on the forests edge and in the spur of the moment decided to climb it. As she ran through the giggle inducing tall grass towards the tree she noticed a large hollowed out area at the base of the tree but could not manage to stop as she was running at such speed. She slid directly into the hollow head first with her entire upper half trapped beneath the tree, though she struggled all she could manage to do was kick her legs outside and this proved no help to her immediate situation. She panicked as it was unusual for anyone to be out here and the chances of anyone finding her was very slim indeed, just as she thought this a voice dashed her fears and replaced them with a set of whole new ones...

"Well would you look at this for luck? The cute girl I saw frolicking around in the grass and showing off her breathtaking feet stuck under a tree with her amazing feet at my mercy" teased a devilishly playful though somewhat seductive female voice. Miranda's eyes grew wide as she struggled more, deathly afraid of someone discovering just how sensitive her feet truly were. Miranda had always taken extremely good care of her feet, she would go as far as to moisturise them on a daily basis to ensure they were at the best they could be. Though Miranda was prone to low self esteem she held incredible pride in her feet and this was reflected in almost everyone privileged enough to get so much as a glimpse being forced to stare slack jawed in awe at them, however such pampering resulted in them being unbelievably sensitive, she recalled a time she purchased a new pair of shoes and due to the soft lining inside each step she took tickled her, should she fall prey to a real tickling it would be far too much to handle, though she would soon find out...

She felt someone with quite a light body weight but still heavy enough to restrain her sit upon her right leg and pin her foot the soft grass lining the ground. Suddenly a single index finger ran its long nail from Miranda's immobile toes up to her heel, gently scraping over her outstanding sole. This simple act instantly caused Miranda to break into uncontrollable hysterics as her bloomed into a bright red.
Cried Miranda desperately hoping for some form of mercy though her pleas fell upon deaf ears as her captor found herself near mesmerized with Miranda's astonishing feet.

The female voice then called out with a single sentence that sent a tormented, hysterical Miranda into a panicked state of laughter and terror.
The call was met by excitable squeals as Miranda heard a symphony of fast approaching footsteps, suddenly another female of matching weight to the first pinned down her other leg and then the true tickling began. The girl holding down Miranda's leg began to tease and scratch beneath her toes with one hand and zigzagged her finger across her heel and sole with the other, then another girl slowly raked her fingers down from the very top of Miranda's tight that was exposed due to her short shorts all the way to her arches, tickled them frantically then dragged her fingers back up to the thigh to repeat the torturous process. Yet another had begun to caress and tickle the back side of her knee which was surprisingly effective though with so many tickling her it was hard to imagine what caused the most intense reaction. The most obvious candidate were her feet which each had at least three people to each foot now, each one attempted different tickling methods, one had taken to lightly scratching, another favoured gentle tapping, one girl had gathered a handful of the feather soft grass and used it like a brush. However an equally brutal tickling fest took place upon her other foot, as one girl had began to lightly draw circles upon her heel with her nails the other two had simply become overcome with the sheer beauty of Miranda's feet and had began to kiss and lick her sole and toes, though a form of sheer admiration it still added to the tickling as Miranda's insanely ticklish feet found almost anything to tickle beyond baring. Though Miranda knew that at the end of this all the girls would help her from under the tree she also could clearly tell from their joyous, unrelenting attacks that they would not be releasing her anytime soon...
Art trade with ShinobisSouls of miranda from d gray man getting tickled : P

I didnt know much about her so i did some research and found out how shes quite timid with low self confidence n such so i decided itd be good for her to get a day off and really chill... well thats before the tickling anyway ^_^

hope ShinobisSouls likes it, hope yall do, enjoy : D
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I don't blame em!
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