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The bright sun shone down over the beautiful forest bathing it in a welcoming light and soothing warmth, the trees reached high into the air as their brilliant green canopies created areas of shade on the long grass below. The air was filled with the chirping of birds and the buzzing of insects, it was truly a slice of untouched nature and it had remained this way for years. Suddenly a figure began to make their way through the tall grass heading deeper into the vibrant woodland, it was a young school girl aged 18. She wore a white buttoned up shirt, a pair of black trousers and a pair of black loosely laced up trainers. She casually yet gently made her way through the grass and the foliage as if it were a path she'd walked one hundred times before, her long blond hair was tied back in a high pony tail so to not get caught in trees and branches as she escaped the noise and commotion of her home city. Her ice blue eyes softly scanned the surrounding area as she traversed it by small landmarks she'd taken note of to guide her to her favourite spot in all of this amazing place, she walked further and further in territory more familiar to her than that of her own home. She eventually reached her destination, a small clearing almost exactly in the centre of the huge forest. The grass here was shorter and a small lake trickled through the centre as the sunlight played off of the water, there stood a single overhanging tree that provided a stretch of shade opposite the water's edge. She sat down in the sun as a cool breeze glided through the clearing giving her an unmatched sense of relaxation, "I've missed this place" she said softly to herself as a smile forced its way onto her gentle face. She ran her hand over the soft green grass and took a deep breath of truly fresh air, she then slowly slipped off her trainers freeing her elegant feet. They were fairly pale though she herself could be described as such, she outstretched her legs and toes feeling the grass caressing her feet as it danced in the smooth wind. A few moments later she stood and walked to lay down in the shade of the overhanging tree, it didn't take long before she felt herself drifting off to sleep in this beautiful place. She had worked through a long hard day at school and the tranquillity of this forest paradise was exactly what she needed...

Lisa awoke under the tree to a dark star lit sky and the sound of heavy raindrops plummeting to the ground all around her, the tree had sheltered her from the weather but the rain was coming down heavy and fast causing the forest to become a very different environment. Lisa stood quickly and the wet muddy ground squelched underfoot, she turned to retrieve her shoes only to find the small river had overflowed somewhat and they were no longer there. Lisa was overcome with a sense of panic as she quickly headed back towards civilization, the ground was fast becoming a sludgy bog and her foot sank completely into the mud with every step. The rain broke through the forest canopy and the sound of it impacting the trees, rocks and other objects made all other sounds fade into nothing, Lisa was greatly disorientated as she realised in her haste to get home she'd become lost. The air grew colder and the rain only intensified, she knew she wouldn't be able to navigate her way back until morning and that her best bet was to try and find shelter unfortunately for her there were very few places in such a woodland that a human could use for refuge. After some thorough searching she found the base of a tree with a large hole into the hollow plant, she quickly scurried in barley fitting as she carefully interlocked her body and limbs with the roots filling the space. It would take some work to free herself in the morning as she was completely trapped but at least she was out of the rain and the sludge, though soon these would be the least of the young girl's worries...

She found herself lost in thought of how she would explain this to her parents, how she would get home the next day and most importantly where the hell her shoes were. Suddenly she was snapped from thought by the feeling of a slight tickle on her left foot, she couldn't see due to her positioning but she knew it must have been some sort of centipede by the amount of tiny delicate legs scurrying across the top of her sensitive foot. She tried to withdraw her leg but it was no use, the insect had total freedom to do as it pleased and it seemed very curious about her toes. It wriggled its way around her big toe before running beneath the others, Lisa let out a slight giggle as it explored the most ticklish parts of her naturally over sensitive foot. Suddenly to her horror she felt many more of the bugs converging on both of her helpless feet, she squirmed and squealed in futile attempts to avoid a night of gleeful torture but it was too late. Even if she could free herself from her tree prison amongst the roots it would be a difficult feat and definitely not one possible while in utter hysterics. The centipedes ranged in sizes the largest being the first to explore her wriggling toes being large enough to torment all of them by itself and the smallest were barley any bigger than ants, the smaller centipedes swarmed en mass causing Lisa to burst into uncontrollable laughter. There wasn't a single inch of either foot that wasn't being ruthlessly tickled by these inquisitive creatures and their numbers only continued to grow, they were descending from the roots which entrapped poor Lisa as well as rose from the soft soil below her. The centipedes had never before encountered a human due to the forests seclusion from any major population centre and were very eager to explore their new captive. The louder she laughed and more she struggled simply acted to disturb and intrigue more centipedes, they had began crawling down her arms, into her shirt, down her back and into her trousers. Lisa had trouble containing her laughter when only her feet were their target but now their numbers had increased tenfold and her whole body was their playground, her armpits and stomach had large amounts of smaller centipedes swarming to them as they were flat and totally unprotected areas. One centipede had began what seemed like running laps around her neck whilst another tickled the underside of her outstretched knee, she didn't know how much more of this she could take as the tears streamed down her red blushing face like the rainfall outside. She hoped someone would hear her laughter but the sound of the harsh weather made sure it was a futile hope, it seemed she was there for the long run... And just how much she could take would be decisively decided...
Howdy yall ^_^

Well heres my first submission of my own character Lisa and her fun lil' trip to the forest : P

I will do some other stories of characters from animes/games/films/whatever soon enough just thought id use my own for my first

Hope you all like it, please let me know what you think ^_^ Enjoy
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ShadowFear1 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Lol I wanna be in there with her! Hehe
Reaper6662009 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014   Writer
Well if your as ticklish as she is then you might be thinking differently when you got there lol :P ;)
c4167 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2011
Must see sequel!!!
JesseCola Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2011
it was alright but maybe you could have a picture of that event happening
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