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Kazemon flew with outstanding grace and elegance through the tunnels stretching through the huge mountain, she had found the day to be most boring and needed a good thrill so traversing the narrow, isolated tunnels of this mysterious mountain seemed the perfect fit. The gentle summer breeze flooded in from outside sending a heavenly cooling sensation through, with each mild gust bringing a smile to Kazemon's face. As she delved deeper into the mysterious mountain she began to notice strange fleshy pods lining the roofs of the winding caves and spider webbing lining the walls, shimmering in the sunlight which penetrated the darkness through deep cracks in the surrounding rock. Kazemon turned in a circle to look behind her trying to remember the path she had taken to end up so deep into the mountain when suddenly she hit something, a large sticky web that engulfed the entirety of the tunnel now held her in its embrace. She instantly attempted to struggle and free herself serving only to violently shake the web before a strange paralyzing effect took hold of her, it was no ordinary web that was for sure. Another soothing summer breeze flowed through the tunnel and reassured her that although her body had been robbed of movement from the neck down she could still feel perfectly fine, she had been captured in a T shaped position with her arms held out to the sides. Suddenly a strange popping noise filled her ears as the fleshy sacks attached to the ceilings burst open and from their interiors emerged something that would mean a simple thrill seeking exploration would become something far more wonderful though at the same time dreadful...

She looked up and in sheer horror saw countless thousands of tiny black spiders descending towards her along the webbing which now rendered her immobile, they were only slightly larger than the common ant but their numbers rose high above any hopes of estimation. The first of them made contact on Kazemon's shoulder and almost instantly began to crawl downwards, it was soon followed by another, and then another still. Within seconds the entirety of the swarm made contact with her and began to traverse down her delicate pale body, though stricken with fear she had to admit the slight tickling sensation from the first few was pleasant, it was not too intense nor too weak, it was just right but as the millions of others arrived that quickly changed. Their amassed tiny legs scurrying lightly over her helpless body brought on a tickling sensation like no other, she struggled to keep her mouth closed and hold back the laughter in her throat just waiting to explode from her lips. As the swarm moved down past her chest to her stomach yet more spiders poured from above in their droves meaning Kazemon was at the mercy of a tide of unending, tickling spiders. They crawled everywhere, over and under her clothing, scurrying tirelessly down her body taking not a moment to stay in a single place. As the living sea of creatures passed her stomach and began to traverse her lower body quickly heading down from her thighs Kazemon realised a terrible fact, her large boots held on by her suspenders would funnel the spiders directly to her feet and as she was hanging from a web her soles were denied the protection of the bottom of the inside of her boot, instead they remained entirely exposed with the strange paralyzing webbing making even the slightest of twitches in her toes utterly impossible. Luckily for her they came into contact with her via the shoulders and arms, though this meant her armpits (like everywhere else on her) got a constant flow of tickling her head was completely spider free making it safe for the inevitable to happen. The laughter burst from her and echoed throughout the mountain's many tunnels, her cheeks gleamed an instant red and between every laugh came a word of begging muffled by her own hysterics.
She was fully aware that begging such creatures for mercy was the equivalent of asking the mountain itself for aid, utterly pointless yet it was all she could do in her completely hapless state.
As the first few spiders entered her boots they clung to her leg and with dazzling speed shot straight to her feet, in their wake came millions each doing the same as they made a direct line for her completely unprotected feet.
She now found herself completely engulfed in the still arriving tide of spiders as they literally tickled and tormented her from shoulders to toes.

Though the spiders had her completely covered they still made their way to her feet and once they arrived there they ceased their mission and simply began to scurry over her with even more energy and determination than they had shown to get there. They crawled in between her motionless toes, they delicately tickled their undersides and moved in peculiar patterns across her soles tickling her arches, heels and even the tops of her feet in equally terrible measure. Her boots were quickly filled to the brim with the countless tickling spiders, those who reached their destination only to find that entering her boots had now become impossible simply crawled onto and under the boots and began to head back up her legs making their way to her shoulders in means to start their tickling decent again. Every single nerve ending in Kazemon's body was assaulted by millions of tiny tickling legs, it was a sensation that was entirely unimaginable and incomparable to anything else in this world or that of the Digi-world. The cycle the continuously flowing tide of spiders seemed to be following resulted in them endlessly travelling her body, tickling her terribly with every step made by each of their eight legs. Kazemon attempted to cry out for help or to continuously plead the tiny creatures to stop their tickling but now her laughter had become so immense it consumed the whole of her voice leaving no room for even a single syllable to leave her throat, the webbing held her tightly and the spiders still yet arrived to add to the full body covering of tickling torment which showed not even the slightest hint of it ending any time soon...
Art trade with ShinobisSouls, this ones of Kazemon getting tickled by some playful, newly hatched spiders who seem to be born with a foot fetish (boy can i relate xD) and with a captive and beautiful pair of hepless feet awaiting efore them its no supprise what happens next : P

Hope ShinobisSouls likes it, hope yall do, enjoy ^_^
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TickleMaster91 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014
DUDE, This was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sequel.Like, now. 
Siarnaqdarkness Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
Zeta: Ice beam!
Then icy projectiles were shot from Zeta's arm cannon, freezing the various spiders in the cavern. Even though he would be occasionally stuck in a web, his metal body would tear it apart in seconds, with his self-electrocution burning away what was left.
Zeta: Seriously, how many of these things are there?! Time to pull out the big gun!
He then charged icy energy in his cannon, up to three levels of freezing energy.
The power, now unleashed, froze just about anything in sight, including every spider in the cavern. However, when he got up, he saw something, or someone, rather, covered with many of the antagonizingly annoying spiders.
Zeta: ... *sighs* This will take a while.
Imustplay Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Please! Make a sequel!
ShinobisSoul Featured By Owner May 13, 2010   Digital Artist
this screams you dude excellent job really love the spiders
sirvex Featured By Owner May 13, 2010
I just always love insects as tickers as they cant be concinced to show mercy or give any respite, plus when they're tiny but in huge swarms it seems the perfect tickling tool
ShinobisSoul Featured By Owner May 14, 2010   Digital Artist
that is very true and you feel nothing but delight do to that
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