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Elie was casually strolling back from a long night out gambling, she knew she had a long walk back along the country roads to get to the caravan the others were staying at from the gambling hall but for such  fun night a little walk was nothing. She had her tonfa blasters if anything were to happen and she had made it abundantly clear in the past she wasn't a girl to be messed with, she began her trek along the winding country roads barley lit by the few street lamps scattered along it. She was unfazed by her dark surroundings however, it was the middle of summer so the air was warm and her mind was focused on how much money she'd surprisingly won. "I won... I ACTUALLY WON THE JACKPOT" she shouted to herself with a large grin stretched across her face, as she walked further along the road she found herself that lost in thought of how to spend her winnings she didn't notice the thick fog filling the air. "Haru's gonna freak when he sees how much I won" she said to herself in a smug tone, suddenly she realised she was very far off track and the road she was following wasn't even visible anymore. She turned around in a panicked attempt to backtrack but found herself faced with a cloaked figure walking through the mist, "Who... Who're you?" she asked fearfully. The figure was clad in layer after layer of torn and ragged black robes with a large dark grey cloak on top. The figure's face was blacked out by its large overhanging hood and its hands hidden in its baggy sleeves. "Mortal girl..." Spoke the cloaked figure, its voice was deep and echoed all around her. "Stay back!" Elie shouted raising her tonfa blasters, "I'm warning you!" she barked ready to fire. Suddenly two thick black tentacles launched from the figures cloak with dazzling speed knocking the weapons from her hands, the tentacles then wrapped around her arms and lifted her into the air. The figure pulled her towards him but kept her elevated above, more tentacles emerged from his rags and wrapped around her waist, arms and legs holding her in place. "Mortal girl... Entertain me" said the figure as it reached out with its right arm, its hand escaped its sleeve horrify Elie as she gazed upon it. The figures hand was a skeletal hand made of darkened bones and crawling with tiny black beetles, this thing ran its index finger long Elie's boot causing it to disintegrate into fine ash instantly. The figure then lowered itself slightly its hooded head edging towards Elie's now bare foot, when it reached its hood obscured her vision of what was happening leaving only her sense of touch to determine what it was doing. She felt a long, pointed and slimy tongue slither across the sole of her foot before working its way under and between her toes. Elie began to blush as she felt this happening, suddenly thousands of tentacles and tiny black beetles burst from the things robes. These tentacles were much thinner than the ones holding her in place and the insects swarmed in their thousands, the insects were the first to each her followed closely by the feather light tentacles. The insects swarmed into her clothes and remaining boot while the tentacles relentlessly stroked and caressed the exposed part of her body, "N...HAHAHA... NOOOOO... HAHAHAAA... I'M TI... HAHA... I'M TICKLISH!" She creamed through uncontrollable fits of laughter, she then felt more than one of the slimy tongues lapping at her bare foot. "It looks like we both hit the jackpot tonight my dear girl" whispered the hooded figure.
Wellheres my second submission, a smidge shorter than my other but I hope ya like it

The story is about "Elie" from the anime/manga Rave Master and her encounter with a playful demon of my own creation

Well hope ya enjoy and please let me know what ya think ^_^
Firebreath45 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2016
Lol, love your story, sequel?
c4167 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2011
Make a sequel,nice
sirvex Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2009
Ah just realised its supposed to be screamed not creamed on the third line from the end, damn typos >_<
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